Civil Department


About Civil Department

Civil Engineering stands as a distinguished professional discipline dedicated to the conception, construction, and maintenance of both the natural and man-made physical environment. This expansive field encompasses a spectrum of public infrastructure, ranging from roads, bridges, and dams to airports, railways, and sewerage systems. Its roots intertwine with a diverse knowledge base, encompassing structure, materials science, geography, geology, soils, hydrology, environmental studies, mechanics, and more.
Individuals pursuing Civil Engineering typically acquire an academic degree specifically tailored to the field, typically spanning three to five years. Upon completion, the degree is conferred as either a Bachelor of Technology or a Bachelor of Engineering.

The comprehensive curriculum navigates through a variety of subjects, including physics, mathematics, project management, and specialized areas within civil engineering such as steel structures, concrete structures, bridges, tunnels, soil mechanics, surveying, and water supply engineering. Practical application is emphasized through laboratory work, where materials are tested, and design aspects are meticulously analyzed, ensuring a hands-on understanding of the theoretical concepts.
Civil Engineers, armed with this knowledge, undertake the intricate task of designing grading, drainage, pavement, water supply systems, sewers, dams, and electrical and communications infrastructure. The overarching vision of Civil Engineering is to propel towards a center of excellence in engineering and technology, with a commitment to sustainable development. The ultimate goal is to produce professionals equipped with a futuristic vision.
To realize this vision, the mission of Civil Engineering is multifaceted. It aims to mold students into adept planners, designers, and executors, fostering ethical engineering practices. The overarching objective is to instill a sense of duty towards society and to actively contribute to the holistic development of the nation. In essence, Civil Engineering serves as a dynamic and integral force in shaping the physical world, marrying scientific principles with practical applications to meet the ever-evolving needs of society.


To be a center of excellence in Technical Education by using cutting edge technology that produces competent civil Engg. of today and tomorrow to serve the Society.


1. To impart quality technical education by implementing state of the art teaching method to enrich the academic competency, credibility and integrity of the students.
2. To inculcate sensitivity towards society, respect for environment and promote high standards of ethics.
3. To produce technically competent engineers with moral values.
4. To provide knowledge with Academic excellence and to make our students better technocrats and professionals, so that they charts out their own path of success & possess perfection in their endeavors.