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About Institute

Rajiv Gandhi Government Polytechnic in Narwana, established in 2007, stands as a testament to the vision of empowering our youth with cutting-edge technical skills, thus enhancing their employability prospects. This institution is strategically located along the prominent National Highway NH-71, nestled on Patiala Road, spanning an impressive 10.11 acres of land adjacent to the ITI Campus.
The campus itself is a testament to the institution's commitment to excellence. It boasts a lush, green infrastructure that creates an inspiring learning environment. The state-of-the-art teaching block, conveniently designed boys' hostel facility, expansive sports ground, and comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage throughout the campus ensure that students have access to every resource they need for their educational journey.

Within the institute, spacious and well-ventilated classrooms provide the ideal setting for academic exploration. Our labs are equipped with the latest and most modern machinery, enabling hands-on learning experiences that are crucial for students to grasp practical knowledge effectively. Moreover, our well-stocked library and E-library further supplement the learning process, offering an extensive collection of resources to aid students in their pursuit of knowledge and growth.
Rajiv Gandhi Government Polytechnic, Narwana, is not merely an institution; it is a hub of educational excellence, dedicated to nurturing the talents and aspirations of the youth. It is a place where dreams take shape, skills are honed, and futures are built. Our commitment to fostering a conducive and enriching learning environment remains unwavering, ensuring that every student who walks through our gates emerges as a skilled, confident, and empowered individual, ready to contribute to society and the workforce.
The institute is currently running six diploma courses, boasting a student enrollment of approximately 1000 eager minds. These courses are meticulously designed and delivered by a team of exceptionally qualified and dedicated faculty members. The commitment of these educators plays a pivotal role in molding and guiding our youth to realize their aspirations and reach their goals.
Here is a list of the six engineering courses currently offered, each with a duration of three years and an intake of 60 students:

S.No. Course Duration Intake
1. Civil Engineering 3 Years 60
2. Computer Engineering 3 Years 60
3. Electrical Engineering 3 Years 60
4. Mechanical Engineering 3 Years 60
5. Textile Design 3 Years 60
6. Textile Technology 3 Years 60
Total 360

It's worth noting that these six engineering courses have been consistently offered, maintaining the same intake levels, and continue to contribute to the growth and development of our students. Our institute takes immense pride in nurturing the talent of tomorrow with the unwavering dedication of our esteemed faculty and the vibrant enthusiasm of our students.