Training Placement Officer



The Training & Placement Department of Rajiv Gandhi Govt. Polytechnic has been in the forefront of activities, bringing corporate close to the campus and encouraging them to establish facilities to cater to the needs of the students. It plays a pivotal role in counseling and guiding the students for their successful career, which is a crucial interface between the stages of completion of academic program of the students and their entry into the job market. Its aim is to provide career guidance and placement opportunities to all students studying in Rajiv Gandhi Govt. Polytechnic. Training and Placement Department arranges and coordinates various programs that aim at moulding the students so as to meet the industry expectations in their career building and in turn bring laurels to the parent institution. The department sincerely believes in imparting comprehensive training to the students to face the challenges of the dynamic and demanding job market and build a successful career for themselves. Special SKILL ENHANCEMENT TRAINING PROGRAMS have been customized for students so as to meet the industry requirement.


1. Organize industrial expert lectures, workshops and programs to improve the skill of the students.
2. Organize on campus placement drives to achieve 100% placement.
3. To work as a unified team and train the students for industry needs and professional skills so as to enable them to achieve their professional goals.


“To consistently provide multi-talented, technically competent young professionals blended with a positive approach and ethical values who can effectively shoulder the task of building a vibrant India.”


The Training and Placement Department, guided by a set of rules and principles, strives to maintain good relationship with industries. The department endeavors to successfully carry out all the processes related to training, placement and career guidance methodically throughout the year.


1. To establish and maintain contacts with Industry.
2. Train the students year-round on employability skills required in the job market.
3. Mentor and counsel the students throughout the year to orient and expose them towards career requirements.
4. Give industry exposure to the students by arranging frequent industrial visits and conducting workshops and seminars by industry experts.
5. Invite companies for Internships and Placements at Campus.
6. Fixing up a mutually convenient date of the drive, informing students about the company and job description through various means of communication like College Website and Facebook, Emails, Bulk messages, Whats app groups and personal announcements. Personal announcements.
7. Maintaining relationship with our Alumni who are excelling in their professions and are holding responsible positions in leading companies across the globe.


Our Institute aims to achieve excellence in Diploma education. Ultra modern infrastructure, experienced and hardworking faculty, emphasis on all round development of personality and effective communication skills of the students are the hallmark of all our endeavors at the RAJIV GANDHI GOVT.POLYTECHNIC. Our Training & Placement Cell is playing a pro-active role in providing career counseling to our students and training them for interviews. The sense of achievement and satisfaction that comes with the certainty of a job before passing out of the Polytechnic/institute boosts the morale of the students and the parents. As we are extremely quality conscious, we would like our students to be the flag-bearers of their Alma Mater's reputation in their professional life also. I am certain that the Training & Placement Cell's fruitful activities will further equip our students to respond to the demands of their chosen professional and vocational careers and have the capacity for responsible citizenship. I am sure it will be of immense value to our students. I wish all final year students the very best in their career and feel confident that they will make significant contributions to the industry in the course of their work. We cordially invite the organization for the current academic year recruitment placement drives.


Mrs. Alka Kalra (Incharge TPO Cell)

The Placement Committee of the following staff members and students of this institute is hereby constituted to look after the work of placement, training and other activities in co-ordination with TPO Cell of this institute.

Placement Staff Committee
S. No.Facult NameContact No.Email IdDept. Name
1. Mr. Surender 9466252802 Civil Engineering
2. Ms. Priyanka Choudhary 9467630892 Computer Engineering
3. Ms. Sunpreet Kaur 7889949771 Electrical Engineering
4. Mr. Anil Monga 9996054257 Mechanical Engineering
5. Mr. Mohit Dhingra 8930201306 Textile Technology
6. Mr. Sunil Sheoran 7988253960 Textile Design

Placement Student Committee
S. No.Student NameRoll No.Contact NoDept. Name
1. Happy ---- 9817463098 Civil Engineering
2. Ankush ---- 9729870395 Computer Engineering
3. Manish ---- 9518016540 Electrical Engineering
4. Anchal ---- 9588306787 Mechanical Engineering
5. Anshul ---- 9468256574 Textile Technology
6. Karamjit ---- 8360284147 Textile Design