Mechanical Department

About Mechanical Department

Mechanical Engineering (ME) is fully based on the term "mechanism". The Mechanism is about the concept on which the law of physics, material science, environment condition and mathematics are involved in the design production, manufacturing and maintenance.
Since the inception of the department, it has been the source of attraction meritorious students. The department labs are equipped with a wide range of machines, tools and equipment to broaden the practical knowledge of students. The department lays strong emphasis on helping students acquire practical knowledge. It has played a key role in motivating and assisting the students to freely explore the department resources and carry out academic activites



To produce skilled personnel, competent entrepreneur to meet the industrial and society challenges in the field of Mechanical Engineering.


1. To provide knowledge of Mechanical Engineering through better academic environment and industrial exposure
2. To inculcate professional ethics, entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills.
3. To enhance teaching-learning process.