Computer Department


About Computer Department

Computer Engineering Department at Rajiv Gandhi Govt Polytechnic, Narwana has been functioning since 2014. Diploma in Computer Engineering is a 3 years long Diploma certificate program. The 3 year polytechnic diploma makes a student half engineer.
Computer Engineering is a discipline that focuses on the study and development of computer software and hardware. It can be said to be an integrated discipline, consisting of elements of electrical engineering, computer science and electronics engineering. Computer engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the concept of software designing, planning, development, testing supervision of computer systems- both hardware and software and circuit design, hardware, networking, computer architecture, microprocessors & Computation.

The Department’s vision is to enhance technical and entrepreneurial skills through quality education in the field of Computer Engineering. Upon the completion of diploma in Computer Engineering, job opportunities are available in Government as well as Private sector. Diploma Engineers are required by Industries for software Planning designing, testing, development and networking.


To prepare Technically Competent and skilled diploma Computer Engineers useful to the industry and the society.


1. Educate the students & train them to design, develop and test software systems.
2. Develop the spirit of team work, innovation and professionalism among the students by dedicated team of faculty.
3. To inspire oue faculty members to always excel and in turn motivate the students to achieve excellence.
4. To promote and tarin the students in the field of computer Engineering.